'New' History Pages Posted

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'New' History Pages Posted

Post by BossHog »

I re-built most of the old history section of the site. I tried to stick to things that were mostly data as there are lots of resources for more frilly things on the interwebs, but I feel like the information is and always will be, important. And sites come and go. #-o

But I also re-built some of the Legends pages which actually looked like they may have been broken for quite some time and I just never realized.

i still want to 'beautify' the pages with some more modern images and photo and video options, but at least as stated above, there's good data there.

So i have updated the main menu dropdown of the History section on the main site, but here are a couple of links to pique your interest:

Sammy Baugh Legends Profile

Larry Brown Legends Profile

I'll likely be looking to grow these sections in the future. Since everybody else seems to be trying to bury our past. :D

Probably some poltergeists still running around. Let me know if you find broken things here. :up:
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