Public Ownership

Talk about the Washington Football Team here. Do you bleed burgundy and gold?
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Public Ownership

Post by DarthMonk »

Maryland and Virginia combined have over 400,000 millionaires. If 300,000 people each coughed up $10,000 each we'd have $3 billion and could own the team.

I am not a millionaire but I could drop $10,000 for my share.

Then we could hire a president who could hire a good GM who could hire a head coach and we would have a fighting chance.
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Re: Public Ownership

Post by Burgundy&GoldForever »

This isn't the Green Bay Packers. I'd be embarrassed to have my name on anything to do with the Washington Redskins.
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Re: Public Ownership

Post by welch »

A public team is a great idea. I might would even join DarthMonth in putting up $10,000 -- which is not walk-around money.

Imagine being rid of Snyder. Imagine a team president like Mark Murphy, our hero and president of the Packers.
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